Jaw trainners

Made of durable and safe medical-grade silicone to help you exercise your jaw musculature and develop a strong and more estetic jawline.

How to use it?

1. Prepare

Prepare your Jawzee: Wash both pieces with warm water and place them on your molar teeth: one on the right, one on the left.
Make sure to place each unit on the last 2-3 teeth to maximize your workout efficiency.

2. Chew Slowly

Chew slowly to the limit and hold for 1 second. Repeat until your jaw muscles tire from the jawline exercise.
This should take around 2 minutes.

3. Chew Fast

Chew quickly but in a controlled manner for another two minutes. This is your first set. Congrats!
Now relax. Repeat this set 5-10 times every second day.

4. Consistency

The good thing about Jawze is that you can bring it anywhere and work out while working or watching a movie. Just remember, consistency is key!!

About Us

At Jawze, we're passionate about helping our customers achieve the chiseled, defined jawlines they've always wanted. We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and attractive, and that starts with the face. Our premium quality jawline trainers are designed to provide you with a targeted and effective facial workout, helping you achieve your desired facial aesthetics and boost your self-esteem.....

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